Questions about Nuru Gel

Our Original Nuru Gel is a water-based massage gel originally from Japan. It is a very slippery, transparent, flavorless and odorless used for an erotic body-to-body massage. The unique feeling is indescribable and very erotic. Nuru means “rub against each other” in Japanese.

Nuru Gel is easy to use. Please find instructions here.Nuru Massage Instructions

Our Nuru Gel is a cosmetic product and it is perfect for erotic massages. Nevertheless, it is safe to use for sexual intercourse, masturbation, oral as well as anal. Many of our customers use it as a lubricant. Our gel includes Nori Seaweed and Aloe Vera. Allergy sufferers should try it on the skin before use.

Our Nuru Gel can be used pure or can be mixed with water. Add so much water until you have reached the consistency you want. We recommend 2/3 Nuru gel and 1/3 water.

You can buy it in our online shop or on Amazon. In addition to that we are building up our retailers in Europe.

You can keep the Nuru gel unopened in a dry place for 2 years. If he bottle or tube was opened, it should be consumed within 2-3 months. We use very little preservatives and pay close attention to the fact that we include high-quality, natural ingredients.

Because our Nuru gel is water-based, it makes no stains. Nevertheless, it is wet. We recommend you to use our Nuru bedsheet to protect your bed. Otherwise you can also use bath towels or an air mattress for the massage.

We create products to make you happy. Our Nuru gel is safe. Nevertheless, we must warn you: 1. It is very, very slippery. Make sure you do not slip out after the massage. Caution is advised especially in the shower or bath. 2. … it is addictive! If you have never experienced a Nuru massage, you have to make up for it. Nuru gel glides extremely well and it feels gorgeous.

Definitely. Our Nuru gel contains Nori seaweed. Algae have the highest nutrient density of the plant world and contain many vitamins and minerals. In addition, we enrich our Nuru gel with Aloe Vera. The ingredients are absorbed by your skin. You get a gently soft skin. Only the best is good enough for you and your skin. Nuru Gel makes you happy and beautiful.

Massage gel is odorless and tasteless. It is super easy to wash off with water and leaves no stains. Gel is in its consistency rather cold. In the summer wonderfully refreshing. In winter pay attention that it is mixed with warm water.Massage oil usually has a scent. Oil can be washed rather badly. Our Nuru massage oil has aphrodisiac ingredients which will seduce your senses. Oil is more warm in its consistency.What is better Nuru gel or Nuru oil? Both. Depending on your mood. We recommend a wonderful Nuru massage in summer and a sensual love massage with our precious Nuru oil in winter. Or the other way around… : )

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